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An anti-inflammatory diet may be good for your joints.

Foods that Fight inflammation

Chronic inflammation is not so helpful to your body. If you are under chronic stress, are obese, or have an autoimmune disorder, inflammation doesn’t go away. It persists, damaging the body and potentially leading to problems such as arthritis.

Some painful joint conditions are potentially triggered or exacerbated by inflammation in the body. For example, gout, which is caused by a buildup of a substance called uric acid, occurs when tiny crystals form in the joints. These crystals irritate the tissues in the joint and can trigger chronic inflammation. Even osteoarthritis, which was once thought of as just wear and tear on joints, is now known to be associated with chronic inflammation, albeit less than what is seen in other types of arthritis.

A steady diet of anti-inflammatory foods may also help to reduce joint pain for people living with osteoarthritis and potentially slow the progression of damage.

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